Windham Vacation Itineraries

Planning a trip to Windham, NY? Chart out all the top things to do near the Catskills with our specially-curated vacation itineraries. Whether you’re a couple looking for romantic things to do, a family seeking kid-friendly activities, a friend group interested in all the mountains have to offer, or a business traveller making the most of your after-hours, get all the recommendations you need here. Start planning your Windham, NY getaway now!

family hiking the windham path

Catskills Bliss: A Family Itinerary for Windham, NY

Escape to the mountains with your family and experience endless outdoor fun, kid-friendly dining, and more in Windham, NY. Get ideas on four seasons of fun for all ages in this beautiful mountain town with our ultimate family guide.

streamside adirondacks

Romance in the Mountains: A Couples Guide to Windham, NY

Experience a romantic getaway like no other with our Windham guide for couples who love nature. Find intimate hiking trails, delicious dining, and winery recommendations for this charming mountain town.